Quantum Cable

Quantum Cable

The Quantum Cable is a 7,700km subsea ultra high speed fibre-optic cable system connecting Asia and Europe via the Mediterranean Sea.
It connects Cyprus with Crete and Attica in Greece, as well as Italy, France and Bilbao, Spain.

The Quantum Cable cable system deploys state-of-the-art transmission technology at an ultra-fast broadband speed of up to 160 Tbps.

One of the unique features of the Quantum Cable system is that it will have one of the lowest latency rates between Asia and Europe.

By connecting major carrier-neutral PoPs in the Mediterranean (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, France, Spain), the Quantum Cable clients can choose their preferred backhaul providers available in these PoPs or in cable landing stations in Asia and Europe.

Global telecommunications will undergo a drastic and revolutionary change with the introduction of the Quantum Cable, the super-fast subsea cable of up to 160Tbps in the Mediterranean, fully supported by the governments of participating countries.

This follows a trilateral declaration of co-operation in Thessaloniki, on June 15, 2017, that “in the field of the Fiber Optic Undersea Cable, to support the deployment of new cable interconnections among the three countries. Such infrastructure is a critical link between Europe, Middle East and Asia and will enhance the capacity of internet connections.”

The cable will have the capacity to handle up to 60% of the world’s internet traffic at peak time or enough capacity to handle tens of millions high-definition video conference calls between Asia and Europe at the same time.

The Quantum Cable will be laid at depths of more than 3,000 metres in parallel with parts of the EuroAfrica Interconnector.

The Quantum Cable will achieve a “massive data highway” at very high interconnection speeds, reaching Bilbao, Spain to the MAREA subsea cable connecting across the Atlantic Ocean from Virginia in the US to Bilbao, Spain, in Europe.

The Quantum Cable system will be in full operation by October 2020.

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