EuroAfrica construction

EuroAfrica construction

The EuroAfrica Interconnector is entering the construction phase. The construction of the cable and its related facilities will take place in two phases (Cyprus-Egypt, Cyprus-Greece) and is influenced by weather conditions and in some cases, seasonal restrictions. The actual construction activity along the interconnector route is expected to last between 12 and 24 months.

All land used will be reinstated to at least its original condition and sub-sea routes are determined to avoid significant natural formations and geological obstacles. Also, provision has been made in the design to co-operate with any other sub-sea operators (pipelines, cables, fibre-optics) wherever possible and for mutual benefit.

Once built, the interconnector cable will be buried at least two metres beneath ground and is therefore invisible for the entire route. Only facilities such as the interconnector converter stations will be above ground. The interconnector cable itself and all facilities will be designed and constructed to have minimum environmental impact.

The EuroAfrica Interconnector project team also engages in transparent and open dialogue with all its stakeholders during all stages of the project development and implementation.

The EuroAfrica Interconnector in numbers