Our commitment

Our commitment

““The EuroAfrica Interconnector will ensure the Electricity Interconnection between Egypt, Cyprus and Greece, creating the electricity ‘highway’ and connecting Africa with Europe. The region will become a major energy hub enhancing further the three countries’ geopolitical importance in regard to EU energy security and supply” – President and CEO Nasos Ktorides (22/7/2016)

The EuroAfrica Interconnector is one of the most important energy infrastructure projects connecting two continents and is committed to abiding by strict regulations as laid down by the European Commission and complying with best industry practices and European Union, national and international regulations.

We are committed to ensuring that the land and marine environments are protected, our teams and associates are working in safe and healthy conditions, and the communities involved along the route of our interconnector are safeguarded and their well-being respected.

Based on a wealth of knowledge and technical capabilities in energy infrastructure and transmission projects, the EuroAfrica Interconnector is dedicated to ensuring a fair and sustainable development of local economies and the greater national interests.

We are committed to building a bridge between the East and West, to ensure a safe and secure supply of energy through this ‘electricity highway’.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The EuroAfrica Interconnector has a unique mission – to build a bridge between two continents to ensure a safe and secure supply of energy through this ‘electricity highway’

Health & Safety

Health and safety is the cornerstone of the EuroAfrica Interconnector’s commitment to the project’s success, as well as safeguarding the sustainability of local communities