[gree-vuh ns]

a wrong considered as grounds for complaint, or something believed to cause distress:
"Inequitable taxation is the chief grievance".
a complaint or resentment, as against an unjust or unfair act:
"to have a grievance against someone".


EuroAfrica Interconnector Grievance Mechanism – Have your say!

Do you have a grievance with our service or a complaint?

The operator of the project, EuroAfrica Interconnector Ltd., has a team that looks into every complaint with the aim of improving our service and procedures during the manufacturing stage and in relation to our activities, either offshore or on-land. Once the project is operational, the team will investigate all aspects of the interconnector, ranging from dissatisfaction expressed by staff or contractors, health and safety of communities involved, to the environmental impact and levels of responsibility.

For grievances involving individuals, SEE HERE…

For grievances involving companies, SEE HERE…