Grievance for companies

Do you have a grievance with our service or a complaint?

The operator of the project, EuroAfrica Interconnector Ltd., has a team that looks into every complaint with the aim of improving our service and procedures during the manufacturing stage and in relation to our activities, either offshore or on-land. Once the project is operational, the team will investigate all aspects of the interconnector, ranging from dissatisfaction expressed by staff or contractors, health and safety of communities involved, to the environmental impact and levels of responsibility.
We are committed to an open dialogue in order to build trust and a lasting relationship with our contractors and/or third-party suppliers involved with the project, in order to resolve any issues as quickly and fairly as possible.

How to prepare your grievance

To submit your grievance, first ask yourself the following questions:
– Has your company been treated unfairly or unjustly?
– Are you dissatisfied with our work and explanations given?
– Are you concerned about the future outcome of the project and how it will impact on your company?
– Have you expressed your concerns to any public official, any member of our staff or any other contractor? If so, to whom?
– Have you already submitted a complaint and have not received any response whatsoever?

How will we review a grievance?

The EuroAfrica Interconnector aims to respond to all complaints and concerns in a fair, transparent and timely manner. However, if you are not at all satisfied with the proposed resolution of the grievance, you can resort to any third-party body for arbitration, including the Cyprus law courts (EuroAfrica Interconnector Ltd. is registered and operational within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Cyprus).

We are committed to thoroughly investigate all genuine complaints and process your grievance as follows:
– Confirmation of receipt within seven (7) calendar days;
– Response to grievance within 30-60 calendar days;
– If the matter is of a more complex nature that warrants further or expert investigation, and a delay is expected, you will be informed of this delay within the initial timeframe of 30-60 days.
– Grievances which have been addressed before or which are not directly related to the activities of the EuroAfrica Interconnector will not be investigated.
We aim to find mutually acceptable solutions whenever possible and will try to discuss or propose a resolution with you.

In order to consider any grievance, EuroAfrica Interconnector Ltd. needs to consider facts and evidence. All details of your grievance will remain strictly confidential unless the investigation process requires this information to be made known to additional parties within the EuroAfrica Interconnector or external partners and/or communities.

A summary of grievance reports and their progress or resolution will be included in EuroAfrica Interconnector Ltd.’s Annual Report and will be subsequently posted on our website, with the express caution to refrain from publishing personal data sensitive to the identity of the complainant.

How to submit your grievance

Before submitting your grievance, make sure:
– you have collected all the facts required for further investigation,
– you have provided your full name and daytime contact details,
– you have available copies or originals of any other documentation that will assist your grievance (photographs, documents, letters, etc.)
– you have provided your Contract Reference Number (if you are an existing or past contractor or supplier).
– you provide any other relevant material that will assist in our investigation.

How to submit your grievance

You may submit your complaint as follows:
Online: via our website by downloading our grievance form, completing it and uploading it with all necessary attachments in the section below;
By email: by downloading our grievance form, completing it and sending it with all necessary attachments to the address below;
By telephone: call our Grievance Officer on 22792200 (international +357 22792200) to provide initial information about your complaint or leave a message on the answering machine (after office hours). Make sure to provide your full name, daytime contact details and subject of grievance so that we can contact you as soon as possible.
In the case of past or present contractors, also provide your Contract Reference Number.
You may also update your grievance by email, online or by telephone, if you have already received an initial response and our Case Reference Number.
By post: first download our grievance form, complete it and mail it with all necessary attachments to the address below.

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