Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Health and safety is the cornerstone of the EuroAfrica Interconnector’s commitment to the project’s success, as well as safeguarding the sustainability of local communities, ensuring the wellbeing of all workers and associates, and guaranteeing uninterrupted and unhindered energy supply, through this ‘electricity highway’ that connects two continents. (See: Our Commitment to Partner Countries)

Based on a wealth of knowledge and technical capabilities in energy infrastructure and transmission projects spanning over two decades, the EuroAfrica Interconnector is dedicated to ensuring a fair and sustainable development of local economies and the greater national interests.

The EuroAfrica Interconnector team members, partners and associates are committed to:

  • Introducing work ethics that safeguard the health standards of all.
  • Dedication to strict EU rules and safety regulations to avoid unnecessary events.
  • Enhancing corporate and international guidelines to maintain stability.

Our aim is to achieve:

  • Zero casualties
  • Zero incidents
  • Zero loss in construction schedule
  • 100% productivity of the Interconnector
  • 100% risk-management and prevention
  • 100% monitoring of cable and sub-stations

We have developed a culture of cooperation and training that involves our own workforce, our sub-contractors and suppliers, local communities, which we will continue to uphold during and after construction of the Interconnector.

The vast size of the project (longest electricity interconnector to-date) has imposed on us to learn from experiences in other infrastructure projects, while our own experience in production and transmission is the foundation stone of our corporate culture for health and safety, based on national, international and EU standards.

In collaboration with contractors and suppliers, we are proactively introducing safety measures to:

  • Reduce and eliminate all risks of hazards, due to internal or external factors;
  • Prevent the use of high-risk or hazardous materials;
  • Monitor and detect any risk-related actions through management procedures;
  • Limit and control any high-risk event in the project’s natural environs;
  • Introduce procedures to overcome and control any event affecting communities;
  • Educate and train local communities and consumers at large of risks involved;
  • Maintain safety measures in collaboration with local prevention authorities.
  • Control natural environs to prevent unexpected developments.

Suitable measures will be incorporated into the design to mitigate the effect of a hazardous event where such measures are effective and appropriate. The EuroAfrica Interconnector has set up an emergency response team that will control unwarranted events and monitor the project throughout to ensure the highest health and safety standards are introduced and kept for the well-being of the local communities.