Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At the EuroAfrica Interconnector we understand that the long term success of the company is based on building and maintaining our social contract with all parties. We will achieve this by developing enduring relationships with our stakeholders at international, national, regional and local levels and working with them to sustain broad community support.

This approach is based on our commitment to deliver shared value for our stakeholders and operate in a way that enhances the benefits generated by company activities. In this way we will actively manage the social risks and opportunities generated by the construction and operation of the EuroAfrica Interconnector.

Our approach to CSR is tailored to meet the company’s activities and will be modified as those activities change. This policy applies to all our activities and areas of operation. It is also applicable to our contractors.

We are committed to:

  • Working to the highest standards of Health and Safety;
  • Acting in accordance with our Code of Conduct “Living Our Values”;
  • Proactively engaging with our stakeholders and respecting local culture;
  • Understanding and managing our social and environmental impacts;
  • Working in partnership to support local communities to meet their development priorities;
  • Respecting the cultural heritage of the countries in which we operate;
  • Facilitating opportunities for the local people and businesses to benefit directly and indirectly from company activities;
  • Complying with, and striving to exceed, applicable international standards;
  • Respecting human rights, within our area of influence.

We have in place management systems to ensure our commitments are met, including applicable strategies, plans, measuring and review procedures. These management systems have been designed to harmonise our approach to CSR in areas affected by our activities, whilst respecting the local context of the countries in which we work.